Monday, June 2, 2014

HG Wing Weekend wip

I haven't done a weekend wip in quite a while, but I made solid progress on a commission kit this weekend that I though I would share. 

At this point nearly all of the painting is complete. Most of the small details like the head vulcans, head camera, chest vulcans, chest vent interiors, and leg vents were hand painted using brushes, tooth picks and fine modeling cotton buds. Having large hands I find working at this scale to be rather challenging (the primary reason I prefer 1/100 and larger kits).

I painted the interior of the rear skirt grey to match the 'internal' waist pieces.

The green sensor at the nose of the shield was difficult to mask due to the curved shape of the design, and unlike the MG it was not removable. It was painted with a base coat of Starbright silver with several layers of Tamiya clear green over tip. I used the same color combo for the eyes.

The interior of the shield was painted with neutral grey for added color separation.

A few other points of note:

The pads of the feet were painted grey. 

The tops of the feet had extra detail added through masking.

The interior of the knee guards were painted grey.

The large vents on the shoulders were reverse washed with black enamel.

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