HGAC Wing Gundam Complete

This is another commission that I completed today. It's been a while since I've completed a high grade kit, but this was a nice change from some of the larger more involved kits I've worked on. In my opinion, the HG Wing is the best looking version of the classic Wing Gundam, mostly due to the proportions in the waist and torso.

This build was fairly straight forward. I made some minor modifications to hide gaps and seams using putty and pla-plate. However the painting was fairly involved to pick out the details in the chest, head and other areas.

360 Rotation

Detail Shots

The green sensor on the tip of the shield was one of the more difficult areas of this kit to paint due to the location and shape of the area.

The clear green sight of the gun was also a difficult area to paint due to the size of the area.

The white on the wings was achieved by masking and spraying silver over the red and then white over the silver.

1/144 size comparison

You can see that the RX 78-2 still stands about a centimeter above the top of the Wing.

The HG Gouf is even more massive than the RX 78-2 by comparison.

MG and HG size comparison 

The individual that commissioned this kit also purchased the MG Wing I brought to NYCC at the end of 2013... Heero would be proud!