Saturday, July 19, 2014

MG Aile Strike RM

Hey guys GGD here! I haven't been feeling very well the last few days, so hopefully this WIP isn't too riddled with spelling errors.

I'm building this kit as a part of a tool review for a bunch of Excel Hobby blade products. I'm fairly far in the painting process at this point with only the grey sections of inner frame left.

Before I started the painting process I had some fun posing the kit on the included base. This kit shares a frame with the other recent Seed kits Duel, Buster Blitz and Aegis, so it has a nice degree of flexibility and stability.

I decided to paint this kit using an RG like color scheme, but due to the part separation and armor differences I did not take the scheme as far, nor did I go with the 3 colors of white. The off white I used was mixed by adding small amounts of grey and sky blue to white.

I mixed up a darker red by adding small quantity of blue to the regular red mix.

I'm going to reverse the shoulder armor so that the panels with more lining are in the front instead of hiding In the back.

I am going to modify the decal scheme slightly,  I think the standard decal scheme goes too far with the large PS, AA and strike decals, so I'm going to limit their usage and probably push more of the small warning decals instead.

I'm going to attempt to add some extra detail to the main camera by inserting a small o bolt behind the lense.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick WIP. If I start feeling better soon I should be done with this kit in a week or two.

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