Monday, August 11, 2014

MG Strike RM Complete

Considering how popular Gundam Seed was its surprising that this is the first time I've ever built a 1/100 scale Strike Gundam. The Strike RM is a fine kit with a good level of detail, a sturdy design and excellent pose-ability. I also really like the fact that the old Launcher and Sword packs still work for this design and can even be combined with the Aile pack to make the Perfect Strike. 

Kit Links

  If you're interested in picking up this kit or any of the add-ons I used to enhance it, consider using the Amazon links posted above. Anything you purchase from Amazon through my links helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you any extra!

Modeling Process

This Strike RM is fairly simple in terms of modification. Most of the detail work on this kit was accomplished with masking to add color separation, detail brush painting to highlight certain features and use of an option part behind the clear head camera for added detail. I also flipped the shoulder armor around to show off the side with more panel lines and other details. I also made some changes to the decal layout of the kit by taking the less is more approach. My opinion of the stock layout is that it's simply too busy. 

Strike 360

Aile Strike 360

Detail Shots

Action Shots

I recently received the Duel in a trade on Reddit, It's only decayed, line and top coated by it's  previous owner. I plan on stripping and painting it eventually.

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