Monday, September 29, 2014

HG Byarlant Custom Complete

MS Lore

The RX-160S Byarlant Custom is an interesting beast. Like the Delta plus or some of the older Zeta series the Byarlant Custom was design for sustained atmospheric flight. Unlike those nimble mobile suits however, the Byarlant Custom doesn't rely on aerodynamic wings, instead it brute forces its way through the atmosphere with an array of enhanced thruster units placed all over the body. To offset the huge rate of fuel consumption the Byarlant Custom mounts two massive fuel tanks on the back mounted thrusters.  

The Byarlant is sort of hulking chimera monster of a MS. It features parts from the RX-110 Gabthley, and NRX-055 Baund Doc and new head optics retro fitted onto the original RX-160 Byarlant chassis. Unfortunately one aspect of the original Byarlant that wasn't corrected was the armament. The Byarlant Custom is sorely lacking in the firepower department only featuring two lower powered rapid fire Mega Particle Cannons that also function as Beam Saber emitters; and two monstrous claws that the Byarlant was essentially able to use to bludgeon a Zee Zulu into submission with. 

Kit Links

If you're interested in picking up this kit or any of the add-ons I used to enhance it, consider using the Amazon links posted above. Anything you purchase from Amazon through my links helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you any extra!

Kit Talk

This is the second Byarlant Custom I've tackled and definitely my favorite of the two. I really went out of the way to fuse seam lines, fill gaps and generally improve the stock kit. Decals are from a few different sources including the DX-06 decal kit, MG Char Zaku/Gelgoog, MG Gouf and RG Char Zaku. 

The colors used were mostly custom mixes but unfortunately I can't remember on the exact ratios involved. 

I apologize in advance if there are some color inconsistencies, I had difficulties with lighting and the camera this time around.

As mentioned in the WIP posts I used multiple thin pieces of pla plate to create raised detail in the butt thruster. It's not an obvious detail, but one I appreciate quite a bit. 

The gaps on the insides of the talons were filled with putty.

The gaps in the claws were also filled in with putty and in some cases pla-plate. 

I also used pla plate in the crotch for additional detail. 

Detail Shots


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