Saturday, September 6, 2014

MG RX 78-2 3.0 Commission Complete


This model is a commission build from my oldest customer. Previously I also built the MG Heavyarms, MG Deathscythe and MG Ground Gundam featured on the site for him. His request for this model was an out of the box build. My goal for this kit was to create a super clean finish that really highlighted the part separation and details of the 3.0 design. I can say in complete modesty that this is the cleanest build I have ever created, and I'm quite proud of the finished product.

I took this kit to the nth degree by separating the frame components out into different colors for added detail where the armor splits or is otherwise revealed. I did a lot of hand brushing on smaller details like pilots, screens and raised details in the frame. Check out the WIP posts for detailed disassembled photos. This kit received 3 coats (nearly 40mls) of my special blend of matte coat to give it a solid protective finish.   


In no particular order: (All paints are pure lacquer colors unless otherwise noted)

Neutral Greyish White 85% white + 15% Neutral Grey 
Warm Greyish White 90% white + 10% Warm Grey
Royal Blue
Sky Blue
Light Red 90% 10 White
Yellow 90% Yellow 9% Orange 1% Red
Neutral Grey
Warm Grey
Star Bright Iron
Star Bright Bronze
Star Bright Silver
Gold (enamel)
Grey (enamel)
Black (enamel)
Silver (enamel)
Clear Green (acrylic)
Clear Red (acrylic)

Kit Links


If you're interested in picking up this kit or any of the add-ons I used to enhance it consider using the Amazon links posted above. Anything you purchase from Amazon through my links helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you any extra!

Hit the bump for the full photo dump

No poses for this one out of respect for the client. 

360 Walk Around

I think it's amazing that this kit has room for both a removable core fighter and an optional LED. My only complaint is that the green LED I have from my 00 discolors the red forehead camera. Bandai should make a white LED set so that clear paints can be used to create the color effects instead of relying on the color of the LED.


The Starbright Bronze details at the elbow joint are also visible when the arm flexes both at the upper and lower part of the joint from the front and back. It's a neat little gimmick that I really like.

The backpack's outer armor layer rotates up and away from the body similar to the Nu ver. Ka; and provides a wider range of poses for the two sets of thrusters bells.

I'm not a fan of the "emotion manipulators" I feel like the fingers don't close tightly enough leaving the hands looking awkward while not holding a weapon.

The model features a plainer substitute block that can be used to keep the fighter outside of the completed model.

If you squint hard enough you can see the tiny painted Amuro tucked away in the chest.

The dual hatch gimmick is a nice feature; either open hatch position could make for a great hanger diorama.

Core Fighter 360

This is the first kit in a very long time that I've take the time to paint the pilot figures.


Compared to older models of the 78-2 the weapons included with this model are fairly basic. You get a beam rifle, a hyper bazooka, beam sabers and shield.

The interior of the shield was painted with two different types of grey for added detail.

Armed 360 

Side by sides

The 78-2 looks great next to my RG styled ball. I originally intended to build a 3.0 for myself to keep the ball company. I may have to build another one seeing as I'm really smitten by this one.

"Your bazooka sir"

I don't have any of Char's mobile suits kicking around at the moment so a Char clone (literally) will have to do.

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