Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend WIP Sinanju Stein & HG Marasai UC ver.

MG Sinanju Stein 

The MG Sinanju Stein is another kit that has been sitting in my backlog for a while. I unsuccessfully tried to modify the leg sections to incorporate components from the Sinanju, but I quickly discovered the kits were different enough in composition to cause problems. So after waiting a few months for two separate part orders from Gentei Kits I finally have everything I need to start painting this kit in earnest.

While waiting for replacement parts I did some shopping and ended up with a few more parts to kit add onto this kit. I have the beam rifle and shield from the Nu Gundam ver ka that should incorporate into this kit very well. In addition to the Nu's shield I also ended up with the parts to an Armed Armor De. My goal is to have two different weapon sets, the Nu's beam rifle and the Stein's shield will make the basic set and the Stein's large beam rifle and the Nu's shield and armed armor parts will make more of a "full armor" weapon set.

An issue I discovered with this kit was that the emotion manipulators really struggle to hold up the massive beam rifle. I decided to incorporate a set of 1/100 EFSF manipulators into the build. Like the manipulator kit comes with two sets if plates, each plate features 6 manipulators: weapon holding hands, clenched fists and open hands. 

The hands did not fit the weapon very well out of the box, the rifle still looked flimsy in the hand. But after a bit of modification I incorporated the weapon peg system into the hand to support the beam rifle. I really like the added detail of this hand set, they have nice deep panel lines that should hold the paneling well. But like the set of Zeon hands they look fractionally too large for the MS.

HG Marasai Unicorn Version

I added some thick pla-plate to the back of each of the skirt sections to cover up the gaps in the back of the skirts.  

A small bit of  putty was needed to fill in some of the gaps between the plate and parts.

I recently added an auxiliary antenna from the builders part set.  

The thruster bells on the backpack are also from a builder part kit. despite being the smallest bell of the set they still look a little large 

I added a small space between the torso and waist to improve the proportions of the kit. 

Some pla-plate was added to the central area of the backpack to make the thruster situated there sticker further our to counter the large bells on either side.

Other than the skirts the kit is pretty well together at this point.  

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