Thursday, September 11, 2014

WIP HG Byarlant Custom and HG Marasai

With all of the progress I've made modifying the HG Marasai lately I decided to go back and finish working on the kit that kick started the Marasai project; the HG Byarlant Custom.

This is my second attempt at building the Byarlant, I originally really liked the the wacky camo scheme I gave to my first, but over time I decided I really wasn't happy with the way it turned out. Instead of lingering on the first I decided to go back and build another! This time around I made some modifications to improve some short comings I felt the model had.

I last worked on this model in June, right after I made this WIP post showing off some of the putty and seam removal work I did some painting, decided I didn't like how some parts can out and threw the kit back on my shelf to work on other projects. About a week ago I pulled the Byarlant off the shelf and continued to work on him. 

Here are some of the newer modifications I completed and work I completed the last post.

I've completely finished fusing seams on all of the major surfaces of the kit; including tanks, fins, and arms. 

I used a lot of very thin strips of pla-plate to add some nice 3d butt thruster detail to the center of the rear cone. My favorite thing about this mod is that if you're not familiar with the kit, you'd completely miss it.

Here's of the stock part looks by comparison.

Since the last WIP the kit has been painted, and I'm pleased that most of the putty and seam work is invisible.

The kit has been decaled using both the DX-06 decals from the Unicorn series as well as leftover decals from the RG Char's Zaku 2. I kept the decal scheme fairly straight forward only using generic warnings, EFF, TR and the Anchor icons. 

The Marasai is also basically done being modified at this point. I need to reprime some areas and then the painting will begin.

My goal once I finish both kits is to keep them in their respective final poses from the "Battle at Torrington Base".

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