Wednesday, October 1, 2014

HG Marasai Complete

MS Lore

The RMS-108 Marasai is a second generation mobile suit designed and manufactured by Anaheim Electronics. The Marasai was developed using Zeon design principles, which are clearly evident in the final look of the mobile suit. Compared to the older generation mobile suits of the One Year War the Marasai features many important improvements such as a movable frame, gundarium alloy armor, a more powerful fusion reactor and an array of beam weaponry.

Although originally designed for the AEUG the Titans pressured Anaheim Electronics into providing the Marasai as a Titans mobile suit. The Marasai was used almost exclusively by the. Titans until the end of the Gryps Conflict. After which, the Marasai was quickly retired as the Earth Federal Forces wanted to to distance themselves from the reputation of the Titans. Many of the retired Marasai eventually found their way into the ranks of Neo Zeon; either through salvage, theft or purchase from corrupt EFSF officers and politicians. After the first Neo Zeon war, many of the Marasai were destroyed. However a few more still remained in the hands of the Zeon remnant forces on Earth. While in the hands of the Zeon remnants many of the Marasai received additional upgrades and retrofits while the remnants waited and bided their time.

This Marasai is equipped with a Feyadeen rifle which were originally equipped on the RX-110 Gabthley; as well as a "Sea Serpent" a wire guided grappler capable of using electrical shocks to cripple an enemy mobile suit. On an interesting note the Feyadeen rifle had a higher output than Zeta Gundam's standard beam rifle despite both being designed and built around the same time.

Kit Links

If you're interested in picking up this kit or any of the add-ons I used to enhance it, consider using the Amazon links posted above. Anything you purchase from Amazon through my links helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you any extra!

Kit Talk

Like the Byarlant I wanted to do more custom work on this kit. I utilized aftermarket parts from HIQ, Wave and Bandai. The shoulder spikes, thruster bells and antenna are both from Bandai's line of builders parts, the o bolts are from two Wave sets and the new mono eye is from HIQ. Unlike the Byarlant however the Marasai's base kit is nearly a decade old, the seam lines and general quality of the kit required more work to make it presentable. This is also the first kit I used BNCs line of chisels on to create panel lines, over all I'm impressed with the tools but I also realize I will need a significant amount of practice with them before I achieve the look that I desire.

The colors I used on this kit are mostly from the color guide provided by Mech9. I did some tweaking because the images in the manual are very dark and the images from the front of the box are very bright I compromised and used colors somewhere in between. 


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