Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The reasons why I won't buy a PG Unicorn at launch

This is an opinion piece so keep in mind the content of this article is based on my thoughts, aesthetics and speculation.


This has been my slowest year doing gunpla in terms of building and buying new kits. Despite only purchasing a few kits and selling off many more I still have a backlog including the 2012 holiday release the MG Nu Gundam ver ka and the 2013 holiday release the MG Sazabi ver ka. Both of those holiday kits have been sitting on my self since their release.

Standard release

Based on current information both the PG Unicorn and the seperate LED set seem to be standard releases. The nice thing about Bandai is that they never seem to stop manufacturing standard release kits.


The vanilla RX-0 Unicorn with red psycho frame is actually my least favorite version of the Unicorn.


Bandai often releases many color variations of the same model with (relatively) small variations. This makes good business sense because Bandai likely invests a significant amount of time, money and personnel into the R&D required to develope each kit. Every variation of a given kit allows Bandai to gain more value out of their investment.

The MG  Unicorn is definitely one of the most reissued kits Bandai has produced to date. Here's a probably incomplete list of all of the MG Unicorn based kits:

Unicorn ver ka
Unicorn ver ka Titanium Finish
Unicorn OVA
Unicorn MS cage version
Unicorn Full Armor ver ka
P-Bandai Unicorn Full Armor clear version
P-Bandai Unicorn Full Armor red psycho frame version
Banshee OVA
Banshee OVA Titanium Finish
P-Bandai Banshee Final Battle/ver Ka
P-Bandai Banshee Norn

Based on this I anticipate that Bandai is going to eventually release variations of the Unicorn kit similar to how the PG Strike Rouge was a variation to the PG Strike. Technically the PG Red Frame and even the Strike Freedom also share some similarities to the PG Strike's inner frame.

My hope is for a PG Full armor version down the line since the current PG Unicorn already has most of the FA's weapon systems (gatling guns, hyper bazooka and beam magnum) included with it. 

What are your thoughts

Are you going to buy the kit on release?

Is there a version of the Unicorn that you really want to see made?

Would you be willing to purchase a PG Full Armor Unicorn?

Leave a comment below, I would like to know what my readers think about the PG Unicorn!

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