Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tutorials, blog updates and stuff to sell


Thanks to a lot of great feedback from my readers I have a much better understand of the material that you guys want to see. Within the next few months I'm going to start posting some bite sized tutorials on a number of different subjects.

Weekend WIPS and small updates:

Some of my long term readers have noticed that I'm not posting as many small WIPS or updates anymore. The reason I stopped is: I felt that they were cluttering up the site, and I wanted to focus on bringing more substance to each post. 

If you still want to see those small updates you can check out my google plus feed here: I routinely post photos of things I'm tinkering with.

Stuff to sell:

I have a few items both finished and brand new that I've decided to sell off. If you're interested in anything you can send me an email to hash out prices. Nothing here is set in stone so feel free to make me an offer; I'm even open to trades.

(Brand new) 
PG 00 Raiser (includes both Bandai decal sets) 
$240 shipped anywhere in the US and less if you're willing to pick it up (NY or PA).

(Used kind of) $30
98% of a MG 00 Gundam. It's just the 00 Gundam no weapons other than the beam sabers, no raiser. The kit is missing knee armor; one piece on the head and one piece of the front crotch piece are damaged. Kit is still on the runners.

MG Aile Strike 

MG Crossbones X2
$200 P-Bandai exclusive I will include the manual and front box art if you're a collector 

HG Byarlant & Marasai attack on Torrington set

1/48 Sinanju head display 
Just an FYI this is actually a knock off model :( 

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