Sunday, January 4, 2015

Commission Project Turn X 6-1-2 Concept


This is going to be an ongoing post following my progress on the MG Turn X Gundam.

Current Status:


Straight build no paint:

After about 8 hours the Turn X is fully cleaned up and ready for paint prep.

The Turn X is a large kit. It's nearly as tall as and as wide as the Sinanju Stein, and the backpack adds a lot of surface area to the build.


My client has asked for a slightly modified paint scheme. Here are the four main colors that will be used on the kit.

Main Armor: Light green made with white, green and a pinch of intermediate blue
Frame: Neutral grey
Backpack: Greyish purple made with purple, intermediate blue and grey
Weapons: Nearly black: a super dark grey made with black and grey


Painting is under way. So far I have some of the frame completed and I've primed the back pack with 1200 primer with a pinch of purple just for fun.

I'm still working on developing skill with a brush and these mini figures are quite the challenge.

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