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HG ARX-014 Silver Bullet

Mobile suit lore:

The ARX-014 Silver Bullet is a heavily modified AMX-014 Döven Wolf  mobile suit. These units were reconfigured by Anaheim Electronics and the Earth Federation following the end of First Neo Zeon war. The intent of the modifications was to create a test bed for quasi-psycommu systems. These modifications ultimately reduced the overall firepower of the suit, but also reduced the overall weight of the mobile suit by 3 tons. Bringing the Silver Bullet down to about 33 metrics tons, putting it roughly in the same weight class of the physically smaller Marasai. Once the Earth Federation finished testing these units several found their way into the possession of the Vist Foundation.

Kit Talk 

Don't like masking or painting? Then don't buy this kit! This is the third and final kit I received from the 2014 r/gunpla gift exchange.I'm the type of builder that finds myself drawn to certain MSV designs. Something about the variations of the designs, color combinations and rarity of normal releases that really gets me pumped up.

My goal with this design was two fold. Firstly I wanted to obtain a color scheme that was very close to stock design, and secondly I want to introduce some modifications to spice up a few of the less interesting parts of the design.

Painting the kit was a bit of a chore, as previously mentioned masking is essential to achieve the color separation on the legs, hips and shoulders. I tweaked the blue-purple color to better match the color of the decals supplied by the HG Unicorn Gundam set.

I modified the kit in several ways including: fusing seam lines, additional thruster details, detail parts in the shoulder thrusters, panel line scribing on the top of the shoulders, and forearms.

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360 Photos

When you compare the Silver Bullet to a "normally sized" gundam like the GPO1fb the size of the design becomes apparent. If this kit has the good fortune of being made into a RE or MG design, it will be massive! 


The Silver Bullet is a particularly well armed design. It features the Jegan's beam rifle, a shield that's a fusion of the  Döven Wolf's beam cannon and the Jegan's shield and missile launcher, two beam sabers, two detachable arms with sub arms, bits, micro missiles, anti-ship missiles and over the shoulder beam cannons!


All decals are from the 1/144 HG Unicorn pack. I tried to minimize my reliance on decals to add detail on this kit. But I can't help but feel that it needs more to fill out the design. The placement of the decals is based on the design from the Robot Damashii version of this design.

The head vulcans were carefully hand painted. Carefully handing painting details like this at the end of a complex build rack my nerves. 

Additional thruster details are provided by the 1/144 Builders Parts Vernier Pack.

The shoulder detailing is made up for thin pla plate and parts from Builders Parts Thruster 01 Pack.

The scribing on the top of the tops of the shoulders was achieved by using two different BMC chisels to create a variation in panel width.

All of the gray recessed areas were achieved by performing a reverse wash with grey enamel paint. It's an easy technique that adds a wonderful layer of detail to any area of your kit.

The individual missiles were painted using a reverse wash technique using blue lacquer and black enamel.

Action Poses

Although I have no real interest in buying or building a kit as large as the Neo Zeong it would be cool to have the Silver Bullet posed to face it down. 

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