Wednesday, May 11, 2016

HMM Liger Zero WIP

I decided to build the Liger Zero and its Schneider armor equipment as separate builds. They're separate kits so I may as well get the mileage out of each post.

Since I've already built the Liger Zero Schneider so I have a pretty good idea of how 90% of this kit goes together. The missing 10% is the chunk of white armor pieces that make up the Liger Zero's basic armor set. The base armor set doesn't have much going on, the only areas that stood out to me are the dorsal thrusters and the spikes/frill around the neck. 

So far I've completely built the kit once, disassembled it, fused the seamlines I found to be problematic and completely painted two of the colors.

The black color used on the frame is a custom mix of roughly 95% black, 3% mahogany and 2% white. The brown hydraulic or electrical piping featured throughout the kit were carefully painted with 100% mahogany and then masked before the black was painted over the surrounding area. The black frame of the kit makes up the largest portion of the parts included. I have the gold/silver, red, blue and off white colors remaining.


Like the prior version of the kit I will be completing a few layers of weathering. Unlike the prior kit I am using a new brand of paint and additional techniques to create a more varied apperance. You can look forward to an overview of weathering in the next WIP.

Here you can see where I started hand painting the Vallejo Silver onto some the detail areas. I'm already in love with this paint. You can thin it with water, it has excellent coverage and the metallic finish looks great.

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