Monday, May 30, 2016

HMM Liger Zero


If you have been following along on the blog since at least the beginning of the year, you might be aware that after finishing the Liger Zero Schneider commission it got lost in the mail on the way back to it's owner. I'm not the type of person to leave someone twisting in the wind; so I offered to completed another one. This is the first part of this replacement commission; the second part will include the Schneider parts.

Kit talk:

Hopefully the most striking aspect of this kit is the weathering applied throughout the kit. Like the prior version I was asked to apply a coat of desert weathering. Unlike the last kit I decided to use Vallejo's acrylic black paint to add chipping throughout the design along the hard edges and corners of the kit. I also added Vallejo washes of dark gray and desert dust  before brushing Tamiya's Desert Modeling Masters  Like the last design I used a hand brush to paint all of the silver bolt details on the legs and chest.

After building the Schneider version of the Liger, the basic Liger Zero is pretty threadbare. If I were to purchase a Liger of my own I think I would need one of the armor sets (panzer) to hold my interest. fortunately you can purchase each of the armor sets individually instead of having to purchase 4 Liger Zeros to complete the collection. I wish Bandai would do this with some of there normal releases (I'm looking at you P-Bandai HG Barbatos complete set).

If you like my work and you want to help support me, then consider purchasing from the Amazon links on my blog or by clicking this link. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and it doesn't cost you a dime!

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Just like the real world Liger, the Liger Zero features back mounted rocket engines, and belly mounted wings... I added the two silver inner details from the Kotobukiya minus mold detail parts bin. The booster pods open and expand, one of the very few gimmicks in the design.

Throughout the legs there are piston like details that all needed to be masked and painted. Unlike the last build that featured metallic colors form Alcad, this build featured Gaia Notes "Star Bright" colors. specifically gold and duralinium.

Like the last build the pilot comes prepainted.

The "mane" pieces around the head are adjust to enhance the roaring poses.

The Tamiya weathering master pigments are excellent at highlighting sharp angular edges.  

Roll over, play dead.

I stripped the armor off of the Liger, because in the next post I'm going to be rearming and armoring the Liger with some awesome orange armor and blades. 

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