Wednesday, May 25, 2016

MG Exia R2


The Master Grade Repair 2 or R2 version of the Exia is a P-Bandai release from mid 2014. That being said this model has been out of production for a while. Despite this, the model is still fairly easy to find, but keep in mind you're likely going to pay about twice as much as the basic The MG Exia is one of my favorite Master Grade kits due to it's simple design, interesting internal frame and assorted melee weapons. The R2 version of this kit is much more subdued as it lacks most of the weapons, and most of the purple holographic GN cables. 

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With this version of the Exia I opted to mask and paint a few gray swatches like white semi circles around the central core, and the rectangular portions on the fore arms. 

The left knee and shoulder feature the only two unique decals on this kit. Both are fairly plain. Both feature the new model number: GN001RII.

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360 Photos:

The armament for this kit consists of one weapon. 


The iconic power up/charge pose that Exia uses in the final episode is basically impossible to pull off on the ground. Off frame my hand is pinning the leg and holding the kit upright. 

Reaching for the beam saber is amazing easily by comparison...  

The "hey you" pose:

Here's my tribute to the Rx 78-2 'Final Shot' style pose.

Side by Side:

The standard Exia looks absolutely busy compared to the more subdued R2 version.

 Exia R2 and R1

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