Monday, June 20, 2016

Liger Zero Schneider (attempt 2)


 If you have been following along on the blog since at least the beginning of the year, you might be aware that after finishing the Liger Zero Schneider commission it got lost in the mail on the way back to it's owner. I'm not the type of person to leave someone twisting in the wind; so I offered to completed another one. This is the second part of this replacement commission; the first part for the basic Liger Zero was posted a few weeks back here.

Kit talk:

Like the prior version I was asked to apply a coat of desert weathering. I used Vallejo's acrylic black paint and a stout brush to add chipping throughout the design along the hard edges and corners of the kit. I greatly prefer how the chipping appears on this version over the last and there are plenty of photos capturing the chipping effect in the details section below. Unlike the first Schneider this version was painted with a slight darker orange color, I'd describe it as being less of a traffic cone orange and more of a hazardous orange. 

I also added Vallejo washes of dark gray and desert dust before brushing Tamiya's Desert Modeling Masters onto the kit. The modeling masters is excellent at highlighting hard edges, but the clear coat is good and tempering and blending the effect into a more realistic appearance.

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