Sunday, July 24, 2016

1/72 X-Wing


Full disclosure, lightsaber and blaster fights are awesome, but the dog fighting and space battle scenes have always been my favorite action set pieces from the Star Wars franchise. Many of these scenes are what inspired me to get into modeling in the first place. 

Like my prior Star Wars models I definitely won't claim that this kit is accurate to the movie models, but it absolutely fits the mental image I have of the fighter. 

Overall this wasn't a bad build. there were a few issues that popped up along the way. The biggest being the upper fuselage snapped at the thinnest point by the cockpit. Despite fixing this multiple times it continues to snap and I ultimately decided to leave it. I also mentioned in an earlier post that this kit was accidentally splashed with rubbing alcohol.

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Luke was very easy to paint, but many of the raised details on R2 are very shallow and hard to paint. 

The chipping on the wings was accomplished using the salt chipping method. This wing is my favorite of the batch.

By comparison this is my least favorite wing as the spots are too large.

The stripes on the cannons were terrible to mask, and unfortunately the paint was too low contrast. 


Up close the breaks by the cockpit become very noticeable. 


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