Tuesday, July 19, 2016

MG Sazabi ver ka WIP

If you have been following along on Google + you have probably seen most of these photos before. However here is a bit of insight into the work I have done to the Sazabi ver ka.

Here's the mostly built Sazabi before I started any work. You may notice that the handle to the beam shot rifle has broken away from the rest of the rifle. I'll end up fixing this down the road.

This is an early photo of the first parts I started working on. You may notice that the crotch armor (upper left hand corner) has a vent cut into the front of the armor. I later plugged and filled this hole.

I'm very pleased with the way the feet turned out. The center thruster detail was added using two sets of Kotobukiya parts, and didn't require and glue or permanent modification to the base kit. In otherwordsmi can very easily revert this modification if I want.

Using my digital calipers for measuring and my BMC chisel for scribing I added depth to existing seams and panel lines, and carved new ones. Any mistakes that were made during this process were fixed using baby powder and superglue. I also partially drilled holes in several places for additional sunken details. I may file these with BBs or detail parts later.

I craved out chunks of the shoulder armor to reveal more of the detail hidden below. I'm currently contemplating what type of detail I should add to the top section of the armor closest to the torso.

This is a bit of detailing I built out of pla plate and rods for the crotch armor. It also covers that hole and patching previously made by the vent I cut into the top. I'm not sure if I will include this detail on the final,build, or if I will go with a lower profile piece instead.

Here's how the torso looked a few nights ago. I added some detailing to the beam cannon on the waist. I drilled out and inserted a rod into the center of the cannon to look like the barrel of the beam cannon. I also have a collar that will be inserted around this rode for extra detail.

I wasn't happy with how the notched detail on the "beak" part of the chest looked after first installing it. I eventually filed it down so that it's slightly recessed behind the upper part of the "beak".

I'm happy with how the head looks out of the box, so aside from rescribing some of the shallower panel lines, I will leave the head alone.

The strips added to the sides and back of the waist will be layered slightly more to add dimension.

Here you can see ther several sets of panel lines scribed into the shoulder armor. The more outboard "lightning bolt" looking scribe is the one I will keep. The other was filled with a mix of baby powder and superglue. Here I'm using primer to check how well the filler worked, and where I need to spend more time.

And it turns out that it isn't half bad. I will need to clear a bit of the primer out of the panel line I made, and do a bit of clean up.

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