Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Godhands 5.0 The second pair

A year and a half about I got my hands on my first pair of Godhands nippers. I compared the Godhands against every pair of nippers I had used up to that point, and my recommendation was mixed and based on experience level. Last week I purchased my second pair of Godhands nippers.

I decided to replace the first nippers not because the blades had become too dull over time, but because the cutting mandible broke off about 2mm down from the tip, making cutting surface smaller and more awkward to use.

Chances are that I was cutting beyond the recommended material thickness when they broke. While using my original pair I cut parts out of 26 kits, assuming (on the low end) each kit has 200 pieces and that there are 3 nubs per piece  that equates to 15,600 cuts on my original pair. I still have my original pair and they still cut very well.

Since my first purchase I have bought a set of Gundam Planet's nippers and a set of the new Tamiya sharp pointed nippers. Both of those nippers are really good. But, I don't feel comfortable cutting up against a part like I do when I use the Godhands. When I cut right up against a part with the Godhands I don't need to use my hobby knife and sand paper as frequently, which also means I am able to cut out and prep parts more quickly.

I still think that the reputation of these nippers is still exaggerated, and I'm not happy about the markup a lot of stores sell them at. But, they are also the best nippers that money can currently buy, and most importantly they make removing nubs quicker and easier than any other set of nippers I have used.

If you would like to give a set of Godhand nippers a try and you would like to support me please consider purchasing them through Amazon by using any of the links in this article or by following this link.

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