Sunday, November 20, 2016

1/35 Zaku 2 Head Char Custom


This is the final kit in my backlog and the end of my 2016 resolution to clear it out. This is also the third time I have built and painted one of the 1/35 Zaku 2.0 heads. I mentioned in prior builds, this is an excellent model kit. I wish that one day Bandai will start to release more large scale head model kits. 

The Char version of this kit was released as part of the 35th anniversary P-Bandai combo pack including a special version of the RG RX 78-2. This model comes with a commanders horn and a head designed to accept it. The  basic original green version included in the Ramba Ral Commando pack lacked an option for the commanders horn. 

Kit Talk:

There isn't much to say about this kit. I used the same paint application process as the two earlier models but made some small changes to reflect the Char color scheme. The Char Pink color is from Gunze's Gundam color line of paints, and can be considered the "official" Char pink.

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360 Degree Inner Fame

This kit features a fill inner frame including pistons at the neck joint that move as the head tilts.

I opted to use gold on the radiators towards the back of the head instead of silver.

Like the prior two versions of the kit I painted the intake grill silver and left the surround in gray.

It isn't easy to see but I added a secondary lense inside of the primary to add more detail.

360 Degree Armored

For some reason the armor fits more precisely on this and the Black Tri-Stars version that they do on my original green version.

The A12 is a Char specific decal. I'm a little disappointed that the stylized A is not included with this kit.

Unlike the other two versions I opted not to paint the grills in front of the intake gray. I wanted to use as much Char pink as I could get away with.


I hope Bandai releases a few more off shoots of this kit. A Zaku 1 and Gouf would make a great addition to my collection.

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