Monday, November 28, 2016

HG Graze Custom


The HG Graze Custom was my first introduction to the IBO line of model kits. The basic Graze design has become a fast favorite since completing this build. It's a cheap and cheerful build that I would encourage anyone to pickup. The basic Graze comes in several flavors, I also have a Schwable and Ryusei-Go hanging out on my desk waiting for paint.

I think one of the reasons I like this design so much is because it looks like it has drawn inspiration from some of the mecha featured in the older Armored Core 2 game. I played this game and many of it's sequels a lot as a kid. The head and shoulder designs look similar to parts from the Crest Company. I'm strongly considering building an armored core style kit bash build including these parts down the line.

Kit Talk:

I actually built and painted this kit in about 6 hours over the course of a single weekend during the middle of my MG Sazabi Ver. Ka build. That project was starting to drag and I wanted a quick win to keep up my morale. Unlike most of my builds, this kit is pre-shaded, I decided to go this route as it was a quick and easy way to add detail without weathering, or decals or other time consuming processes.

One area of this kit that I firmly believe needs to be corrected is the long seams along the lower legs. I fused this seam after painting all of the frame parts, and them carefully masked and painted the area.

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Hit the bump for the full photo shoot 


I really like the little booster backpack on this design. It looks very retro compared to the rest of the mobile suit.

Action Poses:

I played around with spinning the kits on the base for a lot of these shots.

You can just make out the photoetch part I included inside of the thruster bell. 

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