Monday, November 14, 2016

MG Sazabi Ver Ka.


I think I may have mentioned before that I've fallen out of love with big kits. I really like the 'idea' of large complex kits. But in practice I have a very difficult time staying motivated throughout these builds. Staying motivated throughout the build was further complicated because I ran out of both neutral gray and top coat during the build and for whatever reason I had a lot of trouble finding more to purchase. This resulted in a very minor paint mismatch and a lot of wasted time. 

Kit Talk:

Originally I had planned on adding a lot of pla-plate, greebling and scribing throughout the kit to add detail. And In many of the WIP shots on my google+ feed will show those details in an early phase. However after beginning to paint and lines these areas I decided that I did not like the outcome. I eventually reverted or replaced many of these parts on the final design. I did keep a few pieces like this detail added to the inside of the shoulder joint.

Instead of using the stock color scheme I used a more simplified version using mostly red with a secondary darker red used sparing to break up the otherwise uniform color. 

Sometime during the build I lost the mono-eye and forehead sensor. I make replacements out of pla-plate and builder parts HD components.

Like a lot of builds There are a lot of hidden paint treatments throughout that may not be visible under normal circumstances like the skirt detail. Keep your eyes peeled for a few other areas.

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Hit the bump for the full photo shoot!

360 Photos:

360 with weapons:

The Sazabi has a very difficult time holding onto the beamshot rifle due to the large cuffs around the wrist.  On my model It always seems to sit at a weird angle. 

Action Poses: 

There are not going to be many action poses with this kit. The entire time it was on the base it felt like the kit could topple at any moment. The kit also doesn't pose very well due to the large and heavy legs and the odd choice of action based connector.

The ever popular grab my briefcase beamrifle and run out the door pose.

Open Hatch Mod:

I'm not a fan of this gimmick. There isn't enough space between many of the parts and I ended up marring the paint in a few areas. 



Detail Photos:

Group Shot:

"You've got something on your horn, it's right there."

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