Sunday, January 29, 2017

HG Qubeley Revive


Until a few months ago I really didn't care for 99% of the designs to come out of the Zeta era. But for some reason something "clicked" inside of my brain and I decided to build a Qubeley. I'm really satisfied that I gave this kit a shot. It's a wonderful, well thought-out build and it looks fantastic.

Kit Talk:

Due to the unusual mechanical design of the Qubeley with its sweeping gentle curves I decided that a glossy paint job would be best. I contrasted the gloss pearl of the white, blue and florescent pink with a matte purple and neutral grey color which play off of each other well. I kept modifications to a minimum and focused on fusing the seam lines on the legs, feet and shoulders.

I really love the pearl finish that Mr. Crystal Color Diamond left on the white and pink parts, But I think the silver flecks in the pearl may have detracted a bit from the blue. Mr. Crystal colors can be purchased in a variety of different colors but I only had the diamond on hand for this project.

Colors I used:

White: Mr Color GX White + cover with Mr. Crystal Color Diamond
Grey: Mr. Color Neutral Grey
Pink: Mr. Color Florescent Pink Mr. Crystal Color Diamond
Blue: Gundam Color Blue Mr. Crystal Color Diamond
Purple: Mr. Color Purple + Red and Pink (I don't remember the ratios)

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Detail Photos:

I REALLY wish that Bandai includes stands for the funnels. They're such an iconic feature of this design.

Action poses:

I don't have any other Zeta kits in my collection right now, so Amuro's White Unicorn Zeta needs to stand in for Kamile.

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