MG Delta Plus


This is the third MG Delta Plus I have completed. For those of you that have been following my blog for awhile, you will know that I have some very strong opinions about the Delta Plus. I love the look of the Delta plus, but I absolutely hate the design of the MG model. Until recently it was my least favorite model (the HG G-Self Perfect Pack holds that dubious honor now). This is due mostly to how stability and detail the model is sacrificed for the transformation gimmick. In many ways it's only redeeming values are it's looks and it's relatively low cost for a bigger UC era kit. 

I decided to tackle this kit again because I wasn't satisfied with either of my first two attempts. I knew that I could do a better job if I were given another chance and this time I had a plan of attack and a list of goals before I started.

Kit Talk:

My strategy with this kit was to add to introduce detail using a variety of different techniques.

Scribing was an obvious choice for adding detail to the model. I started by carving lines into the large wings. The design I chose follows a similar pattern to the HG Over Flag. I also scribed details on the: head, torso, forearms, and calves. I primarily used .a 15 and .5 BMC chisel to carve out the plastic.

I also added some greebling to the Delta Plus in a few key areas like the: eyes, shoulders, forearms, side skirts, codpiece, and ankles.

The decals on this kit were taken from a number of sources. The P-Bandai DX-06 decal set included a few of the large decals from the MG Delta Plus like the R008, and Delta symbol. Many of the smaller decals came from various MG ver. Ka decal sets such as the Unicorn, Sinanju and Nu Gundam.

This is the last time I ever intend on building this kit, I've decided that I would rather keep the paint intact than transform the kit into it's waverider mode. If you would like to see the kit transformed you can check out my second attempt here.

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I hand-painted the seated Riddhe figure. The process was fairly easy thanks mostly to the large and exaggerated details on the figure.

Note the flat vernier added to the forearm.

I made covers for the lower piston connections

I've seen many variations of the extra vent one the cod piece, but I like my white grill the best.

I experimented with combining wide and narrow panel lines on the same line.

The decal design is inspired by a similar design on the Nu ver. Ka

Replicating this pattern another three times was equal parts stress and tedium.

A little pla plate over the boring shoulder joints.

Note the several areas of grey masking on the sides flaps of the wings.

Note the new vents tucked into the side skirts.

Action Shots:

In the lore, the shield provides a decent amount of utility and firepower, in practice, it's big and clunky.


I prefer the Zeta Gundam style of shield storage.

This and the next photo are a homage to the box art.

Yep, that's an HG Unicorn in the background.

I accidentally melted the beam effect part on a light bulb during this photo shoot.


About 10 seconds before the Delta Plus is torn to pieces.