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Monday, June 5, 2017

Patron Commission Contest!

At the start of this month I launched my Patreon page. To celebrate this new beginning I am going to host a commission contest for my Patrons.

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How it works:

Anyone who has pledged, or will pledge before July 1st 2017 is entered to for a chance to win.

Every dollar pledged equates to one "ticket" and each ticket is one chance to win.

High Grade Patrons earn 1 ticket
Real Grade Patrons earn 5 tickets
Master Grade Patrons earn 15 tickets
Perfect Grade Patrons earn 50 tickets

For this contest to succeed at least 50 tickets submitted by the contest date.

A winner will be randomly be selected on July 2nd

This is a special limited time reward for one early contributor.


You get to select any 1/144 scale HG kit that costs up to 2500 yen, I'll build, paint, decal and detail it however you like!

Support me on Patreon by clicking this link!

Disclaimer: This is not a raffle, no tickets are being sold. Patrons that pledge are gaining access to the rewards listed on the Patreon website.