Perfect Grade Unicorn Final Battle Version [Destroy Mode]


I know what some of you might be thinking... "Where the hell is the Unicorn Mode!? I want to see that monolithic Katoki classic in its full glory!" Never fear friend, the Unicorn mode photoshoot is available here! I am breaking this build into several posts simply due to the size and number of photos to capture everything.

The year of giants continues to lumber on! And, like's namesake, it certainly feels like a mammoth, ponderous beast. I am embarrassed to admit that The PG Unicorn FBV has been a work in progress for the better part of three months! Had I kept up ant reasonable pace, I could have finished this build-up by the end of April. But, unfortunately, like a lot of weapon and accessory intensive kits, my motivation began to slip once the mobile suit was complete. I definitely intend to start the PG Strike Freedom with the backpack to avoid this trap.

Kit Talk:

For those not in the know, the Final Battle Version of the PG Unicorn is, unfortunately, a Premium Bandai exclusive kit. This version of the Unicorn features the green awakened version of the Psycho Frame, two additional shields, four additional gatling guns, water slide decals, and a special glitter injected version of an action base one with an adapter to make the spiny shield thing. This kit was recently reprinted! So, if you've got about $450 burning a hole in your pocket, then you're in luck! I think most builders should skip this kit and pick up the standard PG release instead.

Like many of my builds, the goal of this project was to capture the iconic design of the Unicorn from the OVA or series.

Minor physical enhancements have been made to the basic kit. This includes additional panel lining to rescribe, or improve the overall design, Additional detailing in the verniers scattered around the kit and additional layered detail added to the scopes of the various weapons scattered around the kit.

Similarly, painting has been used to enhance the design of the mobile suit. The Psychoframe of the kit has been coated with a mix of clear green and pearl tourmaline paint to add more depth and an awesome reflective sparkly kick. Unfortunately, the pearl effect is completely wasted on photographs or video, This effect is best experienced in person. The additional color separation was added to the internal frame and weapons just for fun.

Unfortunately, the PG Unicorn doesn't have much in the way of mechanical detail plugged into the inner frame. Everything about this kit is in service to the transformation gimmick. While the transformation is admittedly cool, I would have appreciated some of the PG Strike and PG MK II detail. 

I am slightly curious to see what this kit would look like with the LED set. But, I just can't bring myself to pour even more money into this kit for a 1st or 3rd party LED set. In that vein of thought... stay tuned for the eventual Full Armor version coming by the end of June!

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