Monday, August 27, 2018

EVA-01 Evangelion Test Type TV Version


The first Evangelion model kit I got my hands on was Bandai's EVA-01 Test Type w/frame; this was way back in 2003 long before I knew what I was doing, but I remember at that time I managed to create a pretty decent kit. Like most of my earliest work, that kit was lost between moves, college, etc...

Fast forward 15 years, and here I am again, building another Evangelion model, this time from Kotobukiya...

During the photo shoot, I rather ironically pulled a 'Sachiel' and broke the Evangelion's left arm. So, if those poses look a bit limited, that's why.

Kit Talk:

The first, and perhaps the only thing you need to know about this kit, is that it has seam lines, lots of seam lines, and they're in very unfortunate areas. If you're not prepared to deal with them, you're going to have to live with them all over the arms, shoulders, chest, and legs. While none of these lines are impossible to fix, they're a frustrating nuisance.

One quirk of this model is that it includes a pile of interchangeable and very expressive hands. You will find a collection of punching, grabbing, holding and stretching hands that can be easily popped on and off for different effects. I had to hand paint the knuckle designs on each of these hands.

Evangelion color matched paint is available from Gaia Color. I was lucky enough to source all of the bottles I needed through a proxy service in Japan. If you'd like to source some of these colors for yourself, you can find more information in my video here.

I will have a review up for this kit a few days after this post goes live, for those of you that would like to hear more about the build.

Photo Shoot:


Action Poses: 

Unfortunately without an AT effect part that actually fits, these poses look kind of weird.

I broke the elbow joint at on the left arm around here. You won't see many poses using it form here on.

I am quite proud of all of the detail painting needed for the prog-knife weapon rack.

The arms aren't quite long enough to pull of the 'ready to run and catch the angel pose'.

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