Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MG RGM-89D Jegan Type-D (Camouflage Ver.)


I've you watched any of my streams for more than five minutes, you'll know that I very strong opinions about the Jegan. And if you're hoping that after building the MG Jegan that I would have gain some new perspective and respect for the design; then you would absolutely be mistaken. The Jegan is perhaps my least favorite design for any mobile suit across the Gundam franchise. It's remarkably ugly, It's curvy in all the wrong places and the color schemes reminds me of feeling nauseous.

The Master Grade model is pretty uninspired too.

On a more serious note on 8/28/2019 I will be adding this kit to my eBay auction. All proceeds from that auction will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Life Line. I feel very strongly about supporting this charity and if you would like to participate in this auction please keep your eyes on my social media pages. The auction will start at the MSRP that I paid for this kit ($45), the auction run for 5 days ending on September 1st. 

I hope that you will join me for this very special charity event. 

Kit Talk:

I think it's pretty obvious that the color scheme has been updated. If you've made it to the end of Gundam Unicorn you may recognize this Camouflaged version of the Jegan otherwise known as the 'Cheyenne Type'. It appears for all of ten seconds in one scene. However during those 10 seconds I learned how a color scheme could change a mobile suit from being repulsive to merely tolerable.

The blocky splinter/dazzle camo scheme helps to break up the large featureless chunks of armor that Bandai couldn't be bother to put any effort into. My favorite element of this kit is the asymmetric design of the camo. The design looks like the Federation's camo painter got half way through and just thought 'screw it' and gave up. 

The armor was further enhanced using various weather techniques including: filters, dry brushing, streaking, decal weathering and sponge chipping. The Jegan feels awfully at home cover in other gunk and detritus like all the other garbage.

If you like this suit and want to buy one, then you have poor taste and should be ashamed, I've included links to some good kits in here instead 


Sorry in advance if you were hoping for action shots, but since this kit is up for a charity auction I am not going to risk chipping it for it's new owner!

Not so fun fact this kit was full painted and masked twice! I wasn't happy with the first round of colors, so it was entirely stripped and repainted. 

Several of Tamiya's 'Weathering Master' pigment sets were utilized for this build to add an extra dusty and sooty layer. 

Due to the interference of various clear colors the visor appears almost black in most light. 

However when properly lit from an external source the deep red color reveals itself. 

This beam rifle is actually taken from the MG Marasai. For some reason this variant of the Jegan forgoes the more common Jegan rifle. 

I developed a 'remasking' technique on this kit to clean up my messier masking lines. I'd bet that you can't tell which lines have been 'touched up' on this kit. 

Weirdly the source material that I have shows that the camo lines aren't continuous over all the armor panels. 

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