Friday, November 8, 2019

RG Nu Gundam JoJoHobbyNStuff Custom


A little over a year ago when the RG Sazabi was released, everyone was speculating on a future RG Nu Gundam Release date. A year later, the RG Nu was met with a serious amount of hype and a lot of praise. It's all one-hundred-percent deserved; the RG Nu is a fantastic build. If you haven't picked one up I strongly urge you to stop here, and order the kit (preferably through my link below!).

Kit Talk:

Much like the RG Sazabi Shin gave me a bit of direction on where he wanted the color scheme to go. It was a pretty broad description "White, with a glowing blue", a "light counter to the nearly black RG Sazabi". Unfortunately, the glowing blue that we really wanted (Gaia Color AR-01) wasn't available, so instead, we settled on something equally bright, but not 'glowing'.

The color scheme features white, and three off white colors including, Nazca 'Steel White', 'Neutral Gray #'1 and 'Pearl Silver', the pearl effect, however, is not visible.

The gray inner frame is a combination of 'Neutral Gray #3, 'Nazca Frame Gray' and 'Gunmetal'.

The V-fin and crotch marking are both painted with 'Gaia's Pearl Gold'. It's a really neat color that benefits from being moved around in the light. The sensors in the head are 'Mr. Crystal Color Sapphire Blue' over a base of 'Gloss Black'.

Decals are a combination of HIQ generic markings, and decals from the HG Unicorn, with a few blue MG Exia and Qan[t] decals thrown in for good measure. 

JojoHobbyNStuff rush ordered one of these kits so that I could built it for you over my Twitch channel. Show them (and me) some love by picking up this kit, or anything else using coupon code 'GoodGunpla'! This coupon will save you 15% on just about everything in stock through the end of 2019!

Hit the bump to see all the photos of the RG Nu Gundam!


As a commission piece I'm going out of my way to not scratch or chip anything so poses and photos will be limited! Sorry!

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