Friday, May 15, 2020

MG Gundam MK II Titans


A few weeks ago I reached out to Greg and the fine folks over at Turbo Dork and asked them if they would be willing to sponsor a build. And they sent me a huge variety of their metal, and color-shifting 'Turboshift' paints to try out. If you're not familiar with Turbo Dork they make a wide variety of waterbased acrylic paints in wild metallic and color-shifting colors. Their paints work really well with Vallejo's thinners, flow improvers, and varnishes.   

If you're interested in trying their paints you can use coupon code 'GOODGUYDAN10' to save 10% off your first order. Show them some love and give their products a try, the results are really spectacular! 

Kit Talk:

This is the Gundam MKII 2.0 in the Titan color scheme. From the beginning of the project, my goal was to keep the color scheme in place while incorporating those wild metallic and color-shifting paints. 


Following Turbo Dork's recommendations, I applied a base coat of black before applying their metallic paints. Most of their products recommend a black or white base coat, and every bottle of color will say which base coat is recommended. I used Gaianote's black paint for the base coat since I had a few bottles laying around.

Black: Gaianotes Black
Yellow Armor: Bullion and Multipass
Red Armor: Redrum
Inner Frame: Six Shooter
Thrusters: Six Shooter exterior, Tin Star interior
Pistons: Silverfox

Everything was top coated with Vallejo's clear varnish. 



  1. This looks great! I've got some TurboDork paints, but I'm really struggling getting through my airbrush. Would you mind sharing some tips? My airbrush usually clogs, so I don't know if I need to thin them or what. I'm using a .5 mm needle/tip.