Saturday, May 26, 2012

Project HGUC Sinanju Start to Finish: Introduction


Sinanju Project Start to Finish

Hey guys/gals. I’m going to try something new with this series of posts. Over the next few weeks I’m going to build a HG Sinanju from box to top coat right here on this blog. With each post I’ll show you some tips and tricks like initial building, seam removal, panel line scribing, modding, enamel washes, painting, decaling and top coating!
Feel free to follow right along with this blog, if you have this kit! Or if you have any questions about anything being covered in this blog please leave a comment below.

At the end of this series I will put this HG Sinanju along with the 1/48 Sinanju head/stand up for sale on Ebay!


Why HG Sinanju?

Well it’s a great kit with a lot of detail & an excellent design. And very importantly it has most if not all of the details of it's much more expensive MG counterpart! The HGUC Sinanju also represents a smorgasbord of potential improvements that can be done to the design.

The Sinanju is also insanely popular thanks to the success of the Gundam Unicorn OVAs, most if not all gunpla modelers, know the design and lust after the kits.


What can I expect to learn?

How to prep a kit.
How to properly snip & clean nubs.

Scribing panel lines.
Seam removal.
Painting metallic & transparent colors.
Painting 'sleeve detail'.

Masking and painting details.
Why waterslide decals are worth their weight in gold

 And much more... 

Want to follow along on your own kit?

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This coupon code will be active until the series ends and will let you Take 10% off any HG 1/144 kits in the store!

So buy your own kit and follow along!