Wednesday, May 23, 2012

LaPlace's Box: MG Unicorn

I'm really glad this project is over. I really love the look and design of the Unicorn, and the transformation is top notch. But I have to say I didn't really enjoy building this kit as much as I thought I would. The destroy mode version of this kit sacrifices quite a bit of stability for looks.

This is the OVA version of the kit. I chose to use the Ver. Ka head which eschews the head vulcans. I painted, but decided not to decal or photograph the bazooka.

I also managed to track down a pack of the now very rare Bandai MG Unicorn waterslide decals. Unsurprisingly decaling this kit took just as much time as building or painting it and most of the decals went on without a hitch.

I found that Mr. Mark Setter is particularly useful for adding extra tack to small decals. Normally I only use Mr. Mark Softer, but the setter made the work much easier.

I used the following colors:

As usual I painted the kit with Plamo Uk’s line of primer, paint and I used a satin top coat.

The main armor is pure white
The inner frame is dark gray
The feet and back pack are a mix of 40% midnight blue to 60% gloss black -- I think I’m going to use this color on the Banshee
V fin is Lemon Yellow
Thruster bells are Silver
The rifle is a mix 50% light grey 50% medium gray mix
E-cells are a mix of 80% royal blue to 20% light gray
The Psycho frame was frosted with satin topcoat

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  1. oh my~ this MG Unicorn Ver. Ka is so cleanly done. you tempted me to get MG Banshee for our build off..