Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend WIP

I worked on a couple of kits over the weekend...

I added a set of waterside decals from Samuel Decal to the 1/48 Sinanju head, and then sprayed the kit down with future floor to give it a high gloss finish. I will take better photos this week.

The Age 1 Normal Ver. Ka is really starting to come together too, I just need to wait for the 1 replacement part.

I stripped the 1/48 Unicorn head for the third time. 

 I used Plamo UK's Poly Putty to fill in the gaps were the vulcan cannons would normally sit. I'm making this a 1/48 Unicorn novel or Ver. Ka kit. I also procured a set of decals from the 1/48 kit via Samuel Decal.

I also modified and filled the base of the Unicorn in with pal-plates and poly putty.