MG Qan[t] is Complete!

MG Qan[t]

The MG Qan[t] was a fun kit, but a bit tricky to paint. I decided against using the FullSaber kit for this build, it was simply too large and unwieldy. 

Now that it's done I'm looking forward to tackling the MG 00 Raiser (again) to complete Setsuna's trinity of suits.

Don't forget to check out the kit review or the FullSaber review


 I wanted to capture the GN condenser detail with this shot here.

The Sword V is so long I had to refocus the lens to capture most of it!


I love the layered detail on the legs of this kit!


I went for blue eyes on this kit instead of my usual green

Old and New

The Exia still looks pretty high tech, but it just doesn't look as streamlined as the Qan[t].


A fair bit of these poses were inspired by Lightning Ace!


  1. is that chrome green? awesome custom!

    1. Actually is the standard out of the box green. I didn't topcoat the clear green pieces either because I like the way they contrast with satin finish of the kit.


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