Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Next Commission

These just arrived today; say hello to my newest commission. MG 00 Raiser Seven Sword/G and my old friend MG Banshee.

I will be starting with the 00 Seven Sword/G. This kit will be receive the 'inspection' color scheme; which features an orange red in place of the blue and a brownish grey frame color. 

The background for the 00 Seven Sword is kind of interesting. In the 'lore' of the 00 series the 00 Seven Sword/G was developed after the end of the second season but before the movie. The goal of the project was to restore the combat effectiveness of the 00 after the loss of the twin drive system at the end of season 2. Technically the Seven Sword system was never produced; and like the Full Saber system for the Qan[t] only existed as schematics and test data.

I'll tackle the Banshee after the 00 is finished. Unlike my Banshee this Banshee is going to receive a black armor paint job. My client has also specified leaving the psycho frame color as it is, and has asked for a full 'ver. ka' decal scheme like my Banshee's.

Here's a sample of the 00's new frame color on the Sword/G rifle.

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  1. That darker orange red looks great! What was the mixture for it?

    1. Thanks! It's a mixture of 70% bright red with 30% bright orange.