Tuesday, December 18, 2012

100th Post! MG Banshee OVA

This is my 100th post here on Gunpla by GoodGuyDan!

I'd like to thank everyone that has been following along with my ramblings, posting comments or just offering support. I've already meet so many great people interested in the hobby since I started this blog. I'm looking forward to the next 100 posts; And all the great experiences they will bring!

I'm happy to announce that the MG Banshee OVA is now complete! The MG Banshee OVA is my 20th fully painted and finished (and likely final) kit this year. Despite all the stress and setbacks associated with working and attending grad-school full time I have somehow managed to finish the Banshee's complicated decal layout!

My Banshee is marked with the UC Project shoulder designations. I chose these decals because I wanted the Banshee to reflect the fact that Marida was the first combat pilot. In the lore the Banshee is originally stationed at the Augusta Research Lab to undergo atmospheric combat testing (where Marida sorties from). In my mind that means the Banshee is probably going to bear the Anaheim Electronics and UC Project markings. <spoiler> After Riddhe captures the Banshee at the end of episode 5; I imagine the EFSF would replace the standard AE & UCP designations with the pilot (R008), ship (GR for General Revil) and affiliation (EFSF) designations.

Since the last set of Banshee photos on 12/11 I took 2/3rds of the armor on the kit off, and resprayed it with an additional layer of 'Banshee Blue'. The color variance was driving me crazy and I couldn't leave it be. Fortunately I was able to mask around the decals on the 'Armored Arm VN' (the crab claw).

After applying the decals to the kit; I gave it one final coat of satin topcoat. The satin coat retained the glossy metallic finish of the gold paint and decals.

Unfortunately Hajime Katoki was not involved the OVA's decal layout. So I had to come up with an original decal layout of the Armored Arm VN & BS. Overall I'm pretty happy with the layouts on the weapons; but I think I could have used more decals. 

Unicorn/Banshee Mode

Destroy Mode


Actions Poses

Just remember that this is only the first of the three part Banshee Project. The next phase is to complete the MG Banshee Final Battle Version. I intend to model that version of the Banshee with a different decal scheme to reflect Riddhe Marcenas capturing the unit and assuming the roll as the primary pilot. In the final phase I will build up the 'Full Armor' parts and incorporate them into the Final Battle Version.

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  1. Already commented on ML but this one deserves two. Let me tell ya man, this came out stunning! First and foremost, I love that you did not go for a metallic finish on the psycho frame. Gold details across the kit and a gold psychoframe just looks bad to me in general. Next is the color. Black is a really hard thing to do well because theres so much potential for blemishes. Super clean all over and the soft blue hue to the shine on the black combined with the light flake in the paint looks so great under that slick gloss coat. Then you have the gold decals without a noticeable border in sight that are placed excellently in all the right places. Final thoughts are that I respect your ability to bring such life to kit with solid colors. You utilize a kits surface detail and decals incredibly well.

    1. Thanks Harry! Wow; I really appreciate that you took the time to write that all out. I hope I can live up the expectations you've set for the Full Armor!

  2. Hopefully I'll be doing my FA Unicorn +NG Banshee conversion around the same time as you! Should be cool to see how they contrast :)