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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weekend WIP

Painting MG Deathscythe

I took Friday and Monday off from work; so I had a nice long weekend to work on Gunpla! 

Would you believe that when I posted the photos of the Aegis on Saturday the Deathscythe was still only half way built?

My client requested a paint scheme similar to the TV version, but he allowed me plenty of wiggle room to incorporate my own ideas into the scheme.

I decided to paint the outside of the 360 degree cockpit with bright red; I think Duo would approve.

 I changed the head color back to dark blue, it makes the suit much more imposing. Additionally I went with yellow vulcans cannons to contrast with the dark blue.

Continuing with the TV version color scheme I went with a revised color design for the shield/pincer. 

The backpack is a medium grey, the frame is gunmetal and the thrusters are duraliunium.

A tiny bit more duralinium highlights the moving thigh frame. I used a light grey with a touch of purple for the edging around the skirts. This was inspired by the heavy usage of purple in the Deathscythe Hell.

I will start decaling this kit soon. Stay tuned for the completed kit.

Modifying HG Byarlant

 The HG Byarlant is a really great kit to begin with, but there are a few things you can do to improve the appearance.


The tank and thruster vents both have really obvious seamlines. However they can be fused very easily without needing and modification.

 These two thruster nozzles are attached by a thin plastic 'bridge'. It's still somewhat noticeable even when assembled so I decided to modify it.

 Using a plastic saw and an X-acto knife I cautiously removed some of the material holding them together. Here's a comparison of the two parts.


For some reason Bandai left material between these two hose pieces, it's also in a really visible place on the front of the arm. I decided to remove the material to clean up the design.

I used a plastic saw and a X-acto knife to gradually shave down the connecting piece. 

I may have a few days of down time while I wait for the next commission to arrive. If that's the case I'll use that time to paint the Byarlant.