Friday, February 22, 2013

MG 00 Seven Sword/G

This is a commission kit for a client, I am also currently painting a MG OVA Banshee for the same client.  

After waiting a few weeks for the decal set to arrive from Hong Kong I was finally able to finish this kit this week! The 00 Seven Sword/G was a fun kit to build, but I think I prefer the symmetrical design of the 00 Raiser over the Asymmetrical design of the SS/G. Although the SS/G does not seem to suffer from the same back-heaviness as it's sister suit the Raiser.

When building this kit I surprised by the shear size of some of the weapons. I expected the GN Buster Sword II to be massive, but I wasn't expecting the GN Sword II Long to be just as long, or the GN Sword II Blaster to be nearly as wide. This mobile suit is nearly dwarfed by it's massive weapons!

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This build is straight out of box. I didn't perform any modifications to the design, however I did use future floor to fix the scratches along the edges of all of the clear green and red pieces. 


Here are the approximate mixes I used on this build:
Frame: Medium Grey 80%, Bright Red 10%, Green 9% and Azure Blue 1% 
Red Armor: Bright Red 80%, Bright Orange 20%
White: 100% White
Feet, waist, chin, etc: 85% White, 10% Light Grey, 5% Bright Red
V fin, collar. etc: 100% Yellow

The GN condensers and GN blades were left unpainted and untopcoated to preserve the clear finish.


My client wanted a decal scheme similar to the one used on the Metal Build version of the kit. I used two decal sets purchased from ebay; one from noblemodel and the other from globaltoy to emulate the design. Unfortunately the set purchased from nobelmodel exemplifies the reasons why I do not care for third party water slide decal sets. I don't like third party decal makers for two reasons; the first is because the printers they use to print the decals are not as precise as the industrial printers Bandai uses. Just look at the blotched designs on some of these smaller decals. 

The second reason is because many of the decal sellers are lazy; many of the sellers will scan a set of existing decals from a model kit and just start printing them without checking the fit. The red decals I used on this kit were probably modeled on the metal build 00 Seven Sword/G toy. And while they were advertised as being for the MG 00 Seven Sword, most of the decals were too small, or they didn't match up to the design of the MG's parts. 

Here's an example on the GN Sword II Long. The red decal should be continuous along the length of the raised section of the blade. However to match the cut outs of the part; I needed to modify the decal to fit!


Want a commission of your own? Send me an email!

Enjoy the photos! 

Want a commission of your own? Send me an email!

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  1. aaaahhh im going to have to pull out of the contest now, my 00 s/s is going to rubbish in comparison to yours.

    another grate job!