Monday, July 8, 2013

Commission updates

Here's a little update for the two commissioned kits I'm currently working on.

MG Sinanju

I'm waiting for my client to approve the Sinanju's main lime green armor color. So while I was waiting I painted all of the trim! 

Like before I used the reverse wash technique. For those of you not in the know check out Major William's tutorial.

This kit is the first time I have used Alcad products on a build. The silver is Alcad's duralinium color.The parts received a 'klear koat' for added shine. Once the 'klear' cured the parts were sprayed with black enamel and then removed with enamel thinner. 

MG Epyon

The Epyon is receiving a pretty standard OOB paint scheme with a new tweaks.

The client asked for solid green eyes with clear green sensors.

The clear green looks a bit desaturated in the image, but it's quite bright in person.

The thighs are a light grey with a hint of purple. The claws and detail parts are a golden yellow with a hint of orange. I'm about half way through cleaning up the red armor sections; they should be fully paint prepped by tomorrow night! 

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