Sunday, July 28, 2013

MG Sinanju Commission Complete

It's funny that I'm still struggling to come up with a name for this kit. Limenanju, The Mean Green Killin Machine, Son of Shrek... the list goes on and on. Regardless of the name however this monster is complete! 

Like the title suggests this is a commissioned kit for one of my repeat clients, and it's been in my backlog for a little longer than I would have liked. This is the second MG Sinanju I've built, but only the first OVA version. 

Although I can't say for sure, I believe I'm in the minority in preferring the Ver. Ka kit over the OVA. I'm not referring to the decals; I'm talking about the frame! The OVA version of the kit replaces the old ABS parts of the frame with light weight polystyrene parts instead. My dislike of the frame stems from three points. The first is that some of the joints just don't seem to fit as well, for example the C shaped joints in the shins that connect to the sliding knee joints just don't inspire confidence. The second is that the kits just 'feels' fragile, like the less dense polystyrene is going to break as you push the leg into the hip joint, or adjust the arm. The third and final reason is that the kit just feels too light weight. The ver. ka feels substantial, when you hold it the weight reminds you that the MG Sinanju is one of the more expensive MG models out there, and it fits the size of the kit appropriately. The OVA on the other hand almost feels lighter than a much smaller Zaku 2.0.

Despite my misgivings I'll be the first to admit that the sculpt of the kit still looks fantastic; it's muscular, but agile and it has an intimidation factor that I can't help but compare to an aggressive automobile mixed with a beetle. 

Enough about my thoughts on the design. 

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"Scurvy" Lime Green

90% Yellow
10% Blue


100% Medium Grey


100% Dark Grey


100% Enamel Black

Piping & Sleeve Details

100% Alcad II Duralinium

Thrusters & detailing 

100% Alcad II Tteel


100% Tamiya Clear Orange
100% Gaianotes Star Bright Duralinium. 


This is a commission kit, so no poses. 

Mobile Suit


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