Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Geara Doga WIPs

I still need to take photos of the finished Geara Doga Full Frontal custom.  However here are some of the WIP photos I took while getting the kit ready for the GBWC event!

This is how both wrists looked with the pla-stripes glued along the outside edges. Notice the vertical band which eventually formed part of the 'winged' design of the sleeve detail.

This image shows that the strips have now been added to the back of the wrist. Notice how there is a slight gap and over lap of the wrist and pla-strip. These imperfections were eventually, cut, sanded and fill with putty to form a more consistent edge.

Here's the first shot of the wings. I made a template in Adobe Illistrator in a bunch of different sizes. Cuts the templates out of paper and used them to cut matching sleeve details. 

Lots of primer and putty later resulted in a smooth-ish finish. 

The cuts in the 'wing' designs were made with an X-acto knife and panel line scriber.

Here's a reference illustration for the design of the bullpup beam rifle.

Using some wave parts, and pla tubes I extended and changed the position of the barrel.

The old magazine slot was filled with putty.

And a new 'sensor' was added where the barrel used to sit. Eventually I also added a scope to the side of the rifle from the MG Sinanju.

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