Monday, October 14, 2013

MG Wing GBWC 'Out of the Box' Entry

The Wing Gundam should be familiar to most western Gunpla builders. This was the titular suit that made Gundam popular in Western Media. Overall this is a great kit, with an interesting frame (similar to the EW kits), good color separation, pose-ability, stability and detail. I've built most of the MG Wing (EW) kits with the exception of the Shenlong at this point. So I can firmly say that this version of the Wing Gundam is probably best of the bunch.  

This MG Wing was my 'Out of the box' submission for the Gundam Builders World Cup held at NYCC. However, I don't think there was an out of the box category this year. The tag that Bandai had for my kit was listed as 'Open*' and I believe it was the only kit I saw listed as such. Ultimately this put the Wing into the same category as my Geara Doga 'Full Frontal' custom which won the 'Best Large Scale' category.

Although the Wing didn't win any categories I was still happy I was able to show it off. 

Hit the bump for the full photo shoot.


Mobile Suite 360


Unlike the EW/Ver Ka. versions of the Wing the TV version can hold the beam rifle in just about any position without a problem!

No issues holding up the massive shield either.


Unfortunately the vents inside of the shoulders, structures in between the wings and thrusters at the tips of the wings came molded in white. A little bit of masking and paint really makes these details stand out.

The thrusters in the calfs were sprayed with Starbright Iron and the inner section was hand painted with chrome silver enamel to make the lip pop.

I masked the foot pads and the thrusters separately for added detail.


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