Saturday, October 12, 2013

New York Comic Con wrap up

Bandai Booth 2013

MG Sazabi

Without a doubt this was the crown jewel of the display. I wasn't really sure if I wanted this kit before seeing it in person. But now I know that I must have it in my collection.

MG Wing Zero Proto/TV version

This was the second most exciting new kit on display. I wasn't sure I would like the proportions of the 'old' Wing Zero compared to the newer Katoki designs. Although this design includes many of the elements of the TV kit I can firmly say that it looks much better that I could have expected.

RG Strike Freedom

The PG looks pretty 'plain' by comparison to the RG. And I was really surprised they decided to use the bright chrome gold for the inner frame details on the wings.

HG Thunderbolt kits

Personally I don't like the way they look. But I know there are a lot of people who do.

Random MGs

Random HGs


Stryder Prime's Sinanju Stein won best in show. 

My Geara Doga Full Frontal custom won best large scale 1/100. But I stupidly forgot to take photos of it, or any of my other entries...

This RG Zaku one of the small scale categories. I don't remember if it was 'best small scale' or 'judges favorite'.

This RG Gundam MK II won the other small scale category.

Other Stuff

Proton Packs from Ghost Busters and Marty's hoverboard

A little bit of personal therapy:

I knew that the trip to NYCC this year would be a little 'weird'. It has been less than two weeks since Rich passed away, and only a few days since the funeral service. I had hoped that attending this event might provide a bit of closure. He and I were the ones that decided/encouraged our friends to start attending NYCC last year, and he was really looking forward to it this year. So it seemed appropriate that we would go despite his absence.

Friday was pretty enjoyable; I spent the day with eight friends as we took in the sights and sounds of the convention. I think we all lost ourselves in the delightful chaos of the event.

However today (Saturday) I spent most of the day wandering the event alone. Most of my friends only purchased Friday passes, only Rich and I had planned on sticking around for three days. I decided to stay at the convention to compete in the GBWC event. Although I spent most of the day alone, it really only hit me after the winners of the GBWC contest were announced. We gathered in front of the display case with the prizes we won for photos, and it occurred to me that I didn't have anyone to hand my camera off to. Rich was the one who hung around with me last year for the GBWC event, and the one who took my photos last year when the winners were announced. Despite: winning a category, a great prize and meeting some very talented Gunpla builders from Gundam Eclipse; after the photos the only thing I wanted to do was put as much distance between me and the convention as possible. I packed my kits as quickly as I could, shook the hands of the other winners and left.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the experience as a whole; but I needed to get my thoughts out there.            

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