Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekly WIP

I'm not getting enough work done during the weekend to justify a stand alone WIP for two days. So instead here's what I have been working on this week!

MG Age 2 Normal

I received this kit as a trade along with a MG Age 1 Spallow from a fellow over on reddit. I've decided to tackle the Age 2 Normal first. Both kits will require some TLC before they're ready for paint.

I have added a few panel lines to the chest and shoulder armor, additionally I used the panel line scriber to carve panels along the edges of some raised surfaces for crisper lines. Finally I went over the kit with sand paper to remove any molding flash.

I think I'm going to give this kit a  Age 2 SP inspired color scheme. But I'll incorporate more grey into the build than the official scheme.

MG Tallgeese

The Tallgeese has been a WIP since it's initial release. I've tried painting it a few times now. But I just couldn't get it to turn out. The paint theme is a variation of the TV version scheme. I've decided to attempt a RG style scheme by incorporating an off white into some areas of the main body.

I've also added a few hand brushed details to the wing binders and other raised surfaces.

MG Qan[t]

So this isn't really a WIP. But this will be the next kit I'm working on.

This is a commission for a client. I will be adding the BTF Full Saber kit to the build.

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