MG Age 2 Normal Weiß

Alright guys, this is it, the 26th and final kit I've done this year. My goal this year was to exceed last years 20 kits and I've definitely achieved that.

The MG Age 2 normal was a kit I received in a trade from a fellow redditor. Nothing against the person I traded with, but the kit was in rough shape when I received it; nubs, gouges, you name it. Some of the flaws I fixed, others I just couldn't be bothered with. Regardless of those flaws however, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

The paint scheme is inspired by but not an accurate representation of the "SP" version of the Age 2 Normal. There at 4-5 different 'shades' of white ranging from a 'pure' white to a murky lightish grey. The shades of white were achieved by using different combinations of grey and white primers in addition to white paints and neutral grays. The bright metallic greens were achieved by spraying Tamiya clear green over Gaianotes starbright Duralinium

The decals are a mix from the MG Qan[t], MG Char Zaku 2.0/Gelgoog 2.0 and from the Federation DX 5  decal sheet. The EFF decals are cut down versions of the EFSF decals commonly found on federation mobile suits from the UC timeline. 

Mobile Suit:


Action Poses: