The Phenex has Risen!

This is a commission kit for a very special client. Over the last few months this client has accumulated almost as many of my completed kits, as I have! This is the first kit in a line of commissions this client has requested. Stay turned for more work in the coming weeks! 

The 'gold' used on this kit is my old friend Gaia Notes Starbright Brass. It's not a cheap paint, and it's difficult to get a hold of in the US because we don't seem to have a distributor in this country, but it's a beautiful color that really shines! 

Other colors used are neutral grey, for the joints, dark grey for the details on the beam magnum and navy blue for the feet and back pack. 

I did some minor mods, removed the safety bits for the back of the horn and sharpened it up and re-scribed some of the shallow panel lines.