Saturday, May 30, 2015

Million Hits Redraw

Unfortunately two of the winners from their first drawing did not come forward to claim their prizes. Therefore, I have redrawn two additional names for prizes! 

For those of you intested in how the winners were chosen, I used the following process. Everyone that entered was assigned a number. The winners were selected using the randombetween function in excel. The first three numbers generated received gift cards, the fourth received the kit and the fifth received the commission.

To claim your prize you must email me here using the same google+ ID you commented with.

Winners have 7 days to claim their prizes.

$10 Amazon gift card winners:

Aiden Becker

Commission Winner:

Michael Reichelt

The grand prize winner is Raphael! He will have the opportunity to choose a kit from wide variety of HG 1/144 model kits, I will then build and paint the kit to his soecifications!

As and added bonus, regardless of which kit he chooses I will perform a start to finishing that everyone can follow along with!

To everyone that didn't win:

I hope you continue to follow me along as the blog continues to grow and evolve, And I want to see you all and many more at 2 milliion!



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