Roll & Megaman

I played a lot of Megaman games on the NES as a kid. I only ever owned Megaman 3, but whenever my parents allowed me to rent a game at the supermarket (yes, that was a thing in 90s) I always rented either a Megaman game or Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back.

Kit Talk

I don't have a lot of experiencing building and painting figure kits (I like my mecha), these two models were a pretty good introduction. Some seam line correction was required on both kits. In my opinion the legs and upper arms would definitely stand out if left uncorrected. Fair warning to modelers that care about color accuracy. The english color guides for both of these models vary considerably from the Japanese versions: the english versions have fewer colors listed, don't reference Mr.Color numbers and list completely different color combinations. If you're the type of modeler that demands color accuracy then avoid the english color guide and work off of the Mr.Color numbers referenced in the Japanese manuals available on

These kits both come with some neat extras: they both have several interchangeable faces, eyes, hands for different expressions and poses, Roll has a second outfit and hair from Megaman 8, and Megaman has some beam effect parts. I assembled both kits with the face and outfit combinations the client requested. 

Kotobukiya has made a few additional character kits in the Megaman francise including Protoman, Zero and Megaman X, but due to being older prints some kits are harder to find and more expensive. 

If you're interested in picking up this or other kits consider purchasing through the Amazon links on my site. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and doesn't cost you a dime!

Hit the bump for the photo shoot!


The meter on the buster arm was base coated with superfine silver and topcoated with several layers of clear yellow. I followed a similar process for the red gems in the 'ears' and at the tipe of the buster.

The yellow and blue inside of the side details of Roll's shoes was particularly challenging.  


Notice the blue and yellow button details at the top of the dress.


Unlike the Roll kit the mouth is molded into Megaman's face. That made highlighting the tip of this tongue more difficult.