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MG 00 Gundam Raiser & Seven Sword/G

Suit Lore:

The GN-0000 or simply 00 Gundam is the only 4th generation Gundam developed by Celestial Being. The core design feature of the 00 is the twin drive system. This system allowed two GN drives to work together to exponentially increase the GN particle emission rate. This allowed the 00 to; create powerful GN fields, enhance maneuverability, and gave the suit impressive acceleration.

Ultimately the 00's twin drive system proved to be unstable; limiting its potential and preventing the Trans-Am system from functioning properly. The 0 Raiser was developed to remedy this situation by balancing and regulating the twin drive system. When docked the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser form the 00 Raiser. In this configuration the 00 is able to realize its potential allowing the mobile suit to use quantum teleportation and unleash tremendously devastating blasts of energy.

Before the 0 Raiser was designed, the 00 was intended to use the prototype Seven Sword System. This system was  developed to realize the 00's role as a close combat mobile suit and featured Seven different physical and energy blades. Following the final battle of the TV series this prototype was further updated with the powerful Sword II Blaster, this new configuration was dubbed the Seven Sword/G. Although it was not featured in the animation the Seven Sword/G was available for use during the ELS incident.

Kit Talk:

Bandai doesn't currently sell the 00 in such a way that you can purchase the 0 Raiser and Seven Sword/G pack as one kit. Of course that means I acquired both kits to complete this build.

I fused seam lines along the edges of all of the physical blades. In most cases this didn't require and substantial modification of the underlying parts. The exception to this being the Buster Sword II which required reworking the parts allowing the blade to fit onto the slide mechanism. The other instance being the GN Sword 3s which have a small gray beam emitter part which needed to be painted.

One of my gripes about this kit is that it features a huge amount of inner frame complexity and detail for its size, but the exterior is fairly bland. I decided to do some minor panel line scribing on the white knee armor and on the blue areas around the chest and GN drive mounts.

I used super metallic silver in certain joints in a similar manner to the 00 Qan[t] I did almost two years ago. Ultimately I think this is a very good look for the kit as the silver creates a very nice contrast with the neutral grey.

If you're interested in picking up this or other kits consider purchasing through the Amazon links on my site. Every purchase you make helps me out tremendously and doesn't cost you a dime!

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Fun fact, these photos were taken after the Seven Sword /G photos. The 00 leaped out of my hands and hit the ground, there was no damage; but some paint transference occurred.  

The base 00 Gundam is one of my favorite designs, it has a light athletic look to it and the multiple clear green GN condensers make it look almost otherworldly.

The GN drives can be replaced with condensers to replicate the look of the suit during the ELS incident in Awakening of the Trailblazer. 

The GN Sword 3 was added to the 00 Raiser late in the series. It's a GN sword with an integrated beam weapon.

It's always great to see a direct call back like this.

The 00 also features this forgettable 2 part shield (so forgettable in fact I wrote this and then neglected to take photos. Technically they are capable of being utilized both for defense and offense however I have yet to find a pose that doesn't look awkward.

GN-0000GNHW/7SG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

Technically by leaving the GN Sword Blaster II off the suits designation changes to GN-0000GNHW/7S 00 Gundam Seven Sword

The asymmetrical design of this version of the 00 is interesting because it begins to look like it's successor the 00 Qan[t].

The 00 looks bulkier with everything attached.

According to the lore the GN Sword Blaster II has a maximum range of 1000km.    

The GN Katars are primarily used as a stabbing weapon.

The 00 had a tough time holding the Katars 

The Katars can be joined with three additional parts to form a double bladed staff like weapon.

The GN Sword II is massive

Like the GN Sword II the long version can transform into a beam gun.

The GN Sword II Short is easily the most forgettable weapon of the bunch. It can split for a wired gimmick, but I really don't care for it.

The 00 is able to open up the GN Buster Sword II to vent particles. Doing this creates a very powerful GN field for defense.

Unsurprisingly posing the sword was challenging due to its weight.

GNR-010 Raiser

This sleek fighter like craft docks to the back and shoulders of the 00. 

The "visor" on the prow of the ship isn't actually the cockpit, but the visor can be changed from orange to clear for the series or movie verison. 

Unlike the PG version of the kit which is weighed down with missles and rockets the MG version is fairly basic only featuring two GN beam machine guns tucked into the wing sections. 

The micro missle bays on the ends of the wings don't open up.

The cockit is buried at the back of the fighter craft. Saji the pilot has a little Haro intergrated into the dash to keep him company.

GN-0000 + GNR-010 00 Raiser


The 'vents' on the Raiser's wings open up and an LED can be stuffed inside.




The two GN swords can be combined with a third part to make a double bladed staff weapon


While separated the GN Sword IIs can transform between beam and sword mode.

3 Generations of MGs

Exia looks a little taller because it's standing on a beer coaster to clear the 00's side binder.

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  1. Hey man cool & awesome material. Since you have deep knowledge on gundams, I would like to ask who do you think is the better suit, 00 Raiser or 00 Seven Sword/G? Also, in terms of toy value, which one is more valuable? Hope to hear from you, thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks!

      The 00 Raiser feels like the more cohesive design between the two. I'm pretty sure the 00 Raiser is the more expensive kit.